Sunday, September 1, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Al-Batin Details of Mother Suspected & Hospitalized

This article gives the age and location at the hospital of the Mother of the case 51(F) in Hafr Al-Batin:

Date of Report:  8/26/13
Name:  Mother of Case 51(F) above
From:  Saudi Arabia
Adm:  King Khaled Hospital, Hafr Al-Batin
Note:  Cared for 51(F) that died, posted on 8/22. 
Confirmed:  Suspected.

September 1, 2013
Talal Ettalhi - already - Batin: I learned "already" that elderly Spaanah, suspected bird flu virus, "Corona", arrived Emergency Northern AreaArmed Forces Hospital in Hafr Al-Batin. According toinformation obtained by the "above" that the elderly mother infected with the virus itself and the hypnotic isolation since several days by the hospital itself, after the transmission of his cousin, who died at King Khaled due to bacteria in the blood, according to a report of death issued by the King Khaled Hospital in Batin. Sources "above" the elderly at the age of 72 years, and suspected of being infected with the virus after the onset of symptoms similar to the symptoms of her son Sandman hospital; and are now conducting medical tests her to intensive care . 

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