Friday, September 6, 2013

Vietnam: Contamination on Egg Surfaces in Markets - Need To Strengthen Inspections #H5N1 #H7N9

September 6, 2013

There are many shortcomings in the system of management of the eggs, which are large-scale enterprises miserable

HCMC daily market consumes about 3 million eggs . But in fact , valid egg , or egg sources veterinary inspection agencies , quarantine , accounted for only 40 % -50 % , and eggs without control , quarantine accounts for 50 % -60 % . While avian influenza situation persists, floating power eggs hazardous to public health authorities need to strengthen supervision and inspection.
Time of bird flu outbreaks across the board, the State encourages enterprises to invest in the processing line poultry to provide clean eggs to market . Many companies responded , investing tens to hundreds of billions have been handling modern equipment . However, the fact still exist hundreds of small investors are sketchy licensing authorities . The basis of this craft in fierce competition with the serious business investment leads to many businesses large reel .

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