Thursday, September 5, 2013

#H7N7 Avian sixth outbreak in Emilia Romagna

Translation out of Italy

September 5, 2013
(AGI) - Bologna, September 5 - New outbreak, the sixth in Emilia Romagna, of bird flu. These are six animals raised for personal consumption by an individual in Bondeno, in Ferrara
 The chickens tested positive to the virus H7 following confirmation of the national reference center for avian influenza, notify the Region, were in an area beyond previous areas subject to restrictions and health regulations identified by the European and national levels.Based on the operational protocols for the prevention of the spread of the virus will be 'established a new protection zone and surveillance zone around the outbreak of Bondeno. 

The first, more 'close, concerns the municipalities of Bondeno and Finale Emilia and the second, more' wide, interested in the remaining parts of Bondeno and Final and some areas of the municipalities of Hundred, St. Augustine, Mirabello and Mirandola.  

The order for the implementation of the planned interventions will be 'issued by the Ministry of Health' because 'are concerned the field of view also some parts of the province of Mantua. 

 As for the breeding of domestic chickens, ducks, geese and other birds, as defined in slang "backyard poultry holdings", the Region explains that "there are dangers that could result from the consumption of meat or eggs."  

The precautions to be used are those that serve to avoid contact with wild animals: in this time of emergency, still observed the Emilia Romagna Region, 'and' need to protect animals by keeping them indoors. " In addition, 'and' should pet owners and their families and avoid contact with animals of susceptible species such as chickens, ducks, geese and other birds, avian flu from other animals is the exchange of equipment for the management of these animals. " (AGI).  

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