Monday, September 2, 2013

#H7N7 Italy Details on Confirmed Case

Translation/September 2, 2013
The first case was recorded in Osterley (Ferrara), August 14, where it was necessary to the killing of 128 thousand chickens. After a few days it happened to a herd of Mordano, province of Bologna, where 586,000 chickens have been torn down. The third farm is instead that of Portsmouth, also in Ferrara, this time to be killed were 18 thousand turkeys. The fourth outbreak was detected even in Mordano, with the killing of 150 thousand head of cattle.
The confirmed case is that of carrying out the collection of eggs and poultry manure, while the case involves a suspect responsible for the transport of eggs. Of the 110 employees slaughter between Ferrara and Mordano - explained Carradori - 61 had already been exposed to the virus before, working in the plants affected. These 61 are checked every day from the perspective of medical and health (the other forty have control but less intensive). It was so with the diligence of the controls, which showed the two cases, and confirmed that suspicion. From August 28, the day in which he accused the early symptoms of conjunctivitis, an employee of the farm Mordano that has tested positive for H7N7 avian influenza virus is locked up at home along with his entire family, consisting of four other adults.

The man, along with his wife, two children and another large relative must remain in his home, is in constant contact with the doctors of the Department of Public Health of the Region of Emilia-Romagna and every day you control a fever. The man, who worked on the farm of Valentonia in Mordano as involved in the collection of the eggs, it was probably infected by the virus before it came to light the influenza outbreak, on August 21 last year. Be the first to suspect that infected worker (in the evening will receive the first analysis of the laboratory of St. Ursula) were within the group of 61 workers considered most at risk (job titles) of the total of over one hundred (110) working in the four farms involved infection (as well as two of Mordano, to Portsmouth in Osterley and Ferrara). Intensive surveillance was not triggered immediately, in the face of an outbreak, and all of it is thanks to these controls that have emerged between the two cases. The Ausl says Finarelli, had reckoned that emerge in cases of human infection, perhaps even more than two for the truth. 

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