Friday, September 6, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Cases - Sorting It All Out

I've received a tweet informing me that "digging subcontractors" and terms close to that is a translation for Al-Batin.
I've also learned:
Mkhalt = male contact
mkhaltah = female contact
mkhalteen = group of contacts

I am very happy to receive assistance from anyone who can help translate.
Now, I must re-read some articles and update my lists!!

On the four new cases reported Sept. 5th:

47 contact case from Al-Batin
79 case from Al-Batin 

On the school issues reported here, I can now say: 
  • it's location is Al-Batin
79yo, 47(M), 26yo, 19(M) are from Al-Batin

Excerpt from 9/3.  This was from the MOH that stated the Grandmother died:
is still two relatives of the family lying in a hospital northern borders Armed Forces, and a man and his mother tests proved HIV infection in men did not show the results of analyzes of his mother until the preparation of this report. 

My hypothesis of this situation in Al-Batin is this:
  1. Grandmother 60(F)  died  9/3/13
  2.     Son 38(M)  died  8/17
  3.        Son 16(M) rptd 8/30, discharged
  4.        Daughter 7(F) rptd 8/30, discharged
  5.     Son  ? (47 (M) Can't be brother to 38yo.  Mother only 60 yo)
  6.        Son 19(M) Rptd 9/1, recovered & released 9/1
  7. 79yo  died 9/5 (mentioned in excerpt above)
  8.   Son (Could be 47(M) rptd 9/5) (mentioned in excerpt above)
  9.        26 yo rptd 9/1

I do not know if we will ever have these cases documented with specificity.  

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