Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia MOH Statement 9/3/13 - Mother of Conf. Case in Batin Dies - Tests Confirm Positive

September 3, 2013

Virus dropped "Mirs Corona" new new victim yesterday in Batin, a woman in the sixth decade her son died of the same virus about 15 days ago. 

The lady was lying a few days ago in the isolation section at King Khaled year drilling subcontractor, while sources confirmed the "home" at the King Khaled Hospital General digging subcontractors, that the results of analysis of a sample of infected has reached the hospital on the day before yesterday revealing infected with the virus, but she died , is still two relatives of the family lying in a hospital northern borders Armed Forces, and a man and his mother tests proved HIV infection in men did not show the results of analyzes of his mother until the preparation of this report. 

The Ministry of Health announced yesterday via its website the healing of two of the contacts of citizens infected with the virus, noting that the first case is a citizen of the Batin aged 26 years old, and the other case of a citizen in Riyadh, aged 19 years, where the results of the tests that have already been were positive for them, has similarity to heal, and left the hospital, where he enjoyed good health. 
The ministry said on its The number of people living with diseases caused by the virus reached 84 cases while the total number of deaths since last November and until yesterday 42 deaths. 

It also announced a few days ago that a team of researchers in collaboration with Columbia University and American laboratories "Ecko Lab" American health, they were able to isolate the virus "Nofal Corona" that causes severe pneumonia from a sample of bats in the Kingdom. According to a study to examine the specialized "polymerization" Molecular your virus may have been made on samples collected of 96 خفاشا alive representing seven different factions, and also on the sample of 732 residues bat in areas where they recorded confirmed cases of the disease in Saudi Arabia. 
The researchers concluded that bats are able to embrace a number of viruses such as rabies virus and SARS and Hindra, and a composition identical to the virus "Nofal Corona" that causes acute pulmonary makes also حاضنا the potential for this virus.


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