Thursday, September 5, 2013

#H7N7 Italy #Birdflu Hits in Private Farm

Outbreak is in Scortichino, Bondeno, Ferrara

September 5, 2013
Avian influenza has arrived in Bondeno, hitting laying hens of a small domestic breeding in Scortichino. This time to realize it was the owner of the house, he found some of his dead birds and, aware of the recent outbreaks of the H7N7 virus in Ferrara, he immediately had an inkling of what could be the cause. The checks carried out by veterinarians ASL then confirmed the suspicions: the virus, which could have been brought in Emilia by migrating ducks, also came in Scortichino.

The measures to deal with this new outbreak, the first outside of factory farms, in all likelihood will remain, which are familiar in recent weeks: the chickens have already been culled and destroyed eggs to remove all traces of the infection. Of any order for other farms will the mayor of Bondeno Alan Frabbri, in accordance with the directives of regional health, but first you have to wait for the healthcare company performs the analysis in the area.
"The outbreak was confirmed - says Fabbri - and veterinarians are working to clarify the situation.These are six chickens owned by a guy who lives in Scortichino. Four were killed by infulenza, while the other two have already been culled. Time controls will be carried out on people living around the house and to the farms in the area, but we have to wait for any order to know what it says the ASL. " 

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