Friday, September 6, 2013

Vietnam: Tam Hong (Yen Lac) làng con giống Village Seed Serves District & Northern Provinces

September 6, 2013

Between the sunny weather of August, we visited the Upper Valley Village - Tam Hong (Yen Lac). It was dubbed "the village of the same" ... The reason for this name is because craft villages like poultry trade, not only to serve the needs of people in the district and surrounding areas, but also to expand the northern provinces.

" General sentiment of the people is where they buy cheaper, sometimes regardless of seed quality, if any problems occur, the blame back to the merchant. Local government does not take measures to reduce interference smuggled poultry, so traders must still fend for themselves.
Not only that, every time there is an outbreak of avian influenza, the incubation households here to find ways to solve problems. So now there is no avian quarantine stations, but mostly by local people for poultry vaccination fry. But local authorities only upon the quarantine of avian phase only. Besides, lack of capital is also a challenge for those who incubator here. Borrowing to invest in equipment, oven eggs 3 compartments $ 30 million / oven, 2 oven cavity egg price is 20 million / oven, in addition to investing in cages, trays for eggs and poultry breeds. However, households do not invest well equipped with modern equipment for production. "Set for wholesale, sad for you", which is saying everyday that people here still joke with each other.
Despite the difficulties, but can not deny that vocational training is still the same poultry bring high economic efficiency, help stabilize the lives of people here.

Map of
Vinh Phuc province

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