Friday, September 6, 2013

Vietnam: Vice Dir. Provincial Dept. of Animal Health -Quang Ninh - 2nd Round of Vaccination for Livestock & Poultry Full of Holes #H5N1

September 6, 2013

Under the plan, up to this point has the 2nd time vaccination for livestock and poultry, but no local dynamics of the provinces have implemented. According to industry functions, had 1st vaccination too slow compared with phase 2 regulations and will also continue to slow down and have more "holes".

Talk to us, Tran Xuan Dong, Vice Directors, Provincial Department of Animal Health said: "This year has been allocated to the provincial local initiative funding to purchase vaccines for the vaccination, prevention disease. However, the implementation of this provision has been made for vaccinating faced difficulties as seasonal vaccination asynchronous, long and slow, the vaccine coordinator for injection when the drive enclosure translation difficulties; management use, evaluate the effectiveness of vaccines using loose ".  

It is known that, under the provisions, 1st time vaccination for livestock and poultry is in March, April and will be shot on September 2nd, October annually. If true, the current process, all in the province is implementing the 2nd vaccination for livestock and poultry. However, to date there are only a few scattered localities made sporadic vaccination, and additional injections after round 1 disease, no local public official 2nd vaccination. Even in the first round, according to vaccination must be completed in March, April, late June but has not completed vaccination. 

Many local early May to enter new vaccine inoculation. According to the Veterinary Department, but now there are only 3/14 in the province through the Veterinary Department to supply vaccines for the vaccination phase 2. Most of the localities are not bidding, receiving vaccine for the vaccination that was slower than planned. The slow phase 2 will make vaccination for cattle, poultry period of 1-2 months duration of immunity vaccine phase 1 injections. This is one of those "holes" large outbreak of epidemics. 


Through the show, many local purchase vaccines and close to the epidemiological situation of the disease in local logistics, storage vaccine has not been implemented strict regulations. As recommended by the Veterinary Department, through surveillance, epidemiological investigation is currently for bird flu, vaccines 2.3.1C domestic branch best suited for epidemiological disease in poultry is Quang Ninh meanwhile, currently on the market have 2-3 other avian flu vaccines imported from China are being purchased locally injected cheaper. Thus, the nature of protection after vaccination is difficult to ensure.
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