Monday, September 2, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia - Conf/Death Case in Batin - 2 More Relatives Suspected & Hospitalized

A previous post on the Batin cluster, we can add 2 more relatives -- that are suspected, and not confirmed.  I have posted a previous article, on the brother, and his dissatisfaction on getting test results.  I don't know if the brother mentioned below is the one in this article
September 1, 2013
Leaving the death of Fahd al - Sahli disease last week in Corona Batin , the Department of suspicion of the disease included five members of his family. However, the Ministry of Health reported yesterday that two of the five have been sure of the safety of the disease.
He said بداح Sahli « brother of the deceased » «Middle » , said his mother lying in one of the isolation rooms at King Khaled year in the province because of a suspected case of being infected with the disease, and is expected to reach its findings from the laboratory of Jeddah tomorrow « Monday » , as well as their cousin Fahad « 40 years » , which lay in a hospital intensive care department in military King Khalid Military Base eight days ago , as well as the brother of the deceased « 24 years » .

He stated that their mother has been re- analyzes her again and is expected to arrive tomorrow , and wondered about the reasons for slow progress and delays in test results , and added « We waited a whole week until you reach the analysis results , and my mother lying in the isolation room at King Khaled year in Batin , and the presence of laboratory single in Jeddah receives all analyzes and statements contribute to the delay results .

He called on behalf of the family of Al - Sahli , Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Al - Rabiah , the need to find a prompt solution by the Ministry of suspected cases , asserting that the tests are sent to a lab Jeddah and take a long time until it reaches the drilling subcontractor .
It is noteworthy that two of the family , one 16 - year - old ' and the other ' 8 years » conducted routine examinations and proven Chweahma .

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