Thursday, May 30, 2013

#Coronavirus 1st recorded nCoV case in a UAE citizen in Morocco

Archive Number: 20130530.1746026
Source: Lakome, Moroccan News [in Arabic, machine trans., summ., edited]

May 30, 2013
Moroccan Health Defense Network revealed the 1st MERS-CoV case in Morocco involving a United Arab Emirates citizen who is a tourist. He was hospitalized in Sheikh Zayed's hospital in Rabat on [Wed 29 May 2013].

The head of the network confirmed that this is the 1st case in Morocco and that most cases have been recorded in Saudi Arabia, in addition to Jordan, Qatar, UK, UAE, Germany, Tunisia, and France.

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[This is the 1st report of a presumably laboratory confirmed case of MERS-CoV in a UAE citizen visiting Morocco. More details on the epidemiology of this case (age, gender, location of probable exposure, possible risk factors, date of onset of illness, clinical presentation, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

If in fact this case is laboratory confirmed this will be the 51st case of confirmed MERS-CoV infection.

For a map of Morocco, see For a map showing the location of the UAE see - Mod.MPP]

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