Friday, May 31, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia - a temporary protocol for the treatment of invalids 'Corona'

May 31, 2013

Riyadh: Fahad Theyabi of the 
number of deaths rose in Saudi Arabia due to the virus 'Corona' to 21 cases after registering three new cases yesterday for three people aged between 63 and 85 years old entered the hospital 20 days ago, some of them suffering from complications of kidney failure.

He told «Middle East» Dr. Abdullah Asiri, Director of Infection Control at the Ministry of Health that the results of the examination 40 new sample of persons suspected infected with the virus revealed they are free of the disease, which is a positive indicator, and that the treatment protocol patients began taking nature united with doctors, where the patient is given anti-viral similar to those that are granted to holders of hepatitis 'C'.
He explained that those antibiotics average impact and some have complications, particularly among awarded for patients with renal failure, which leads to reduce the amount of their blood, which forces them to stop them in case of inflammation of the lungs or the deterioration of its functions.

He added that dialysis patients cared especially vital as measured by their scores before the start of the washing process, and if the patient's temperature exceeded 37.8 degrees Celsius them are isolated in a room alone and take a sample of it to check it.

He said he has not yet come to a drug he can handle the virus directly due to mutate continued, stressing that the process of finding the reasons for the presence of disease in Saudi Arabia are still ongoing not over yet by scientists from the United States and the central laboratory in Germany, while not over the results of the analysis of samples that have been obtained from the bats in the province of Al-Ahsa that have been moved to the outside through the specialized medical coolers at 80 degrees below zero, where the virus can not move or reproduction at this temperature.
He said that the rise steadily in temperature can lead to a decline in the virus and perhaps his disappearance just as happened in previous experiences, at which time the temperature that live where 4 degrees and die at more than 30 degrees, stressing the need areas Qassim, Al-Ahsa and Dammam to support because most of the and injuries occurred.

The number of samples that have been taken to make sure they are free from virus infections «Corona» to 900 sample since September of 2012, has proven laboratory tests injuring more than 33 cases, and subjected 21 people to death, and continue the incubation period of the disease 4 days subject which the viral treatment through antibiotics in intensive care rooms.

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