Friday, May 31, 2013

#Coronavirus - First Confirmed Case in Italy

 31 May 13
Ministry of Health, Italy
· The patient is in isolation but at the moment is in good condition
· Ministry is closely monitoring the situation

By the Region of Tuscany has been reported a confirmed case of import of new infection Coronavirus (now called MERS-CoV = Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus), a citizen of 45 years of foreign nationality, who lives in Italy, and that has recently been in Jordan for 40 days, where one of his sons seems to suffer from a flu unspecified.

The patient, who at admission had a high fever, cough and signs of respiratory failure, is currently hospitalized in isolation and is in good condition.

The confirmation of the diagnosis was made by the Institute of Health - Department of Infectious, Parasitic and Immune-Mediated.

The recognition of the Italian case occurred following the procedures outlined in the Circular that the Ministry of Health issued the Departments of Health of the Autonomous Regions and Provinces on May 16 last year to increase the degree of attention to persons with fever and respiratory symptoms from important by geographical areas in which there have been similar cases or who have witnessed a patient suffering from MERS-CoV, for submission to the specific test. It is a virus whose almost-human transmission seems to be possible only where there have been prolonged close contact such as in a family or in a hospital ward. The Ministry is closely monitoring the situation in close collaboration with the health authorities of the Region of Tuscany. Please note that for the prevention of respiratory infections, the normal recommended hygiene measures for influenza (frequent hand washing, covering your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze, etc..), And that information about it can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health.

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