Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy - Index Case Worked At A Hotel

[No one seems to want to say that this man infected his co-worker after being back at the job one day.  That is a bit different than the "usual prolonged contact" we have seen since April.]
Translation  - editing is mine

Three confirmed cases of SARS in Florence. In addition to the first patient - the forty-five Jordanian employed in a hotel in the city, which is being treated in isolation from Tuesday Careggi hospital and declared out of danger - there are also the granddaughter of two years and a co-worker.

The clinical picture of the two new patients, both in isolation, "not serious," says the Ministry of Health.The child is in hospital pediatric Meyer and fellow man, an Italian woman of forty, at Careggi. Remain under observation about forty people, health care professionals, relatives and colleagues of the forty-five who have had contact with him in recent days.The monitoring for the possible onset of symptoms of SARS, or high fever, cough, and in severe cases difficulty in breathing. More severe symptoms than those of a normal flu or a cooling ailments rather common in this period due to the unsettled weather and temperature changes. The transmission from person to person, experts have assured this morning at a press conference at the hospital of Careggi, is very limited. "The disease - says Dr. Joseph Petrioli, head of prevention Healthcare Agency of Florence - has a low risk of contagion between people. Nevertheless, people who have had close contact with the patient have all been identified and warned that if you have respiratory symptoms or fever should be instructed to seek medical attention. There is no need to make vaccines or prophylactic antibiotic therapy because it would be useless. Generally, attention should be paid to persons falling from Middle Eastern countries where the disease has a certain distribution, as well as, as we have just done here, people come into contact with a sick person. " The crisis unit is taken with immediacy and is ready to take on new cases, although, at present, the situation is not alarm, said the regional councilor for Health Louis Brown. The forty-five was back last Saturday by a 40-day trip to see family in Jordan: a son would have been struck down by influenza and he, of course, he was close.  

The area at risk Sars for the way in which the virus has spread widely and was observed, starting from May 2012, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Qatar. Some cases have occurred in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The man arrived in Italy with a flight from Jordan Amman-Vienna-Bologna. "For routine - said Emanuela Balocchini, director of the Prevention Services Sector in Public Health of the Region of Tuscany -, as happens for example in cases of tuberculosis, we notify the ministry through its offices port and airport is in charge of tracking down passengers who have traveled close to the patient, usually those 2-3 rows in front and behind. " During the journey, the patient was already bad, said Dr. Alessandro Bartoloni, head of SOD infectious and tropical diseases of the AOU Careggi hospital where Jordan is from Tuesday. Sunday and Monday at home then was introduced himself to work. But, of course, the day after his condition deteriorated, hence the decision to go to the emergency room of the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova in the historical center of Florence. The doctors quickly realized that it was not a common flu. (ANSA). GRO 

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