Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Qassim Has 3 Suspects

May 27, 2013
n the new developments of the disease Coruna in Saudi Arabia, isolate the medical staff at King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Buraidah three cases suspected of being infected with HIV Corona, which killed 17 people in Saudi Arabia in the past according to a report newspaper economics. saw Qassim region before about five days of the last case and new deaths from the disease, which recorded The first Vyate in Al-Ahsa region before the disease is transmitted to the Qassim region. Did not identify the official bodies in the health of Qassim and there is no relationship between the deceased in the virus Coruna in the Central Hospital and the Al-Ahsa. while the opinion of Dr. Khaled Marghalani Spokesman of the Ministry of Health that all procedures and precautions have been taken by the competent authorities in preventive medicine since the death, which occurred in Buraidah Central Hospital, both with the contacts of the medical staff or the patient's relatives. And about the existence of a relationship between the deceased in Qassim, Al-Ahsa, between Marghalani that this premature and authorities certainly would consider this. 

 On the other hand, between specialize slow emergence of medical examinations and results in this regard and often death occurs before the onset of the result of the lack of laboratories nearby, where send samples to other sites , both in Jeddah or Riyadh. As many of those who are reluctant to have periodic reviews for reviewing hospital at the moment, for fear of the disease, especially in Buraidah Central Hospital and other locations. A indicates a hospital administrators that the appointments have been delayed significantly at the moment, especially in normal cases a hedge against transmission of the disease or exposure to infection. 


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