Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#Coronavirus - Marghalani for "homeland": the treatment of "Corona" oxygen and "antibiotics"

[So Saudi Arabia reported 5 more cases but gave no specifics, as CIDRAP reported here.
I'll see if I can find any articles in Saudi Arabia on it.]

May 29, 2013

Al-Ahsa, Dammam: Adnan el Ghazal, and agencies 
2013-05-29 12:50 AM     
He explained, general supervisor of relations, media and health education in the Ministry of Health, the spokesman for the ministry, Dr. Khalid Marghalani, the treatments provided to patients infected with "Corona" and inpatients in isolation rooms and intensive care in hospitals, including support breathing apparatus with oxygen, and when you need uses a ventilator , as well as being used antibiotics, bacterial, and anti-influenza, until it is ruled out an infection associated with, and is recognized when the presence of the virus IVD, and clinical examination, adds physician drugs has been used previously in Alah virus "SARS." 
He Marghalani's "home" that the plan The ministry in dealing with the virus, "Corona" new summed up in the continuous monitoring of cases of pneumonia atypical, and reported immediately to the coordinators of public health and infectious diseases in the areas of health, and then send the samples to regional laboratories, and is recognized when the positive sample is limited contacts inside and outside health facilities, and conduct the necessary tests for them. 
In the same context, sources revealed in the "health-Ahsa" the existence of a single case infected with "Corona" sleeping in intensive care at King Fahd Hospital Balhvov, as happened last week hypnosis else in the hospital after a suspected injury the virus, but tests have proven its safety from the disease.With those sources reported that there are other cases of the virus in a private hospital in Al-Ahsa, but stressed that the situation is reassuring. On the other hand, the second meeting of the Advisory Board of health services in the Eastern Province, which includes a number of actors and sectors of various health in the region, in order to unify efforts, which will reflect positively on the service for patients and users of health services. 
, the director of Health Affairs in the Eastern Province, Dr. Saleh Al-Salhi, The meeting discussed the mechanism of transfer of patients between hospitals, and the latest developments of the virus, in addition to plans Awareness actors in this regard. At the same time, recorded in France yesterday the first death of a patient بالكورونا, bringing the number of deaths recorded globally to 22, while the number of deaths settled with the virus in the Kingdom when 18 deaths.

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