Thursday, May 30, 2013

#Coronavirus Jordan - 124 Samples Sent To U.S. Lab Suspected Cases

May 30, 2013

Site Jordan News Agency (Petra), revealed the Ministry of Health, for having sent 124 samples from people يشبته infected with HIV (CK), to a laboratory of America, the statement of illness or not, and said that the results of these tests will show soon.

The Minister of Health and Minister of the Environment Dr. Megally Mahilan of the importance of follow-up, monitoring and Readiness and transparency in the procedures of the ministry concerning the corona virus.

This came during chairing aside from a meeting of the National Committee to combat epidemics in the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, which includes representatives from the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services and the Jordanian universities and the private sector.

The Mahilan stressed the need for cooperation of all partners in all medical sectors, in particular the World Health Organization to deal with any cases that appear.

He said that the World Health Organization (WHO) warning about the spread of a new strain of the virus does not require Koruna anxiety and fear, but a qualitative work hard and high readiness continuously.

The members of the committee discussed at a meeting of the latest developments related to the corona virus and mechanisms to deal with it.

For his part, Director of the Directorate of communicable diseases at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohammed Abdullat of the local situation and the regional and global levels to a corona virus, and procedures of the Ministry of Health in this area, especially epidemiological monitoring system which is characterized by high precision.

He noted that the number of confirmed infections with the virus amounted to 44 cases in the world, including two previously حدثتا cases in a blue state hospital in April of 2012.

He said he did not record any new case of the virus in the Kingdom, and that the ministry continues to conduct laboratory tests according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

He said: 124 were sent a sample of cases in which it is suspected or mixing for the previous two years in a blue state hospital to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and test results will appear soon.

The representative of the University of Jordan Hospital Dr. Nazir slaves, gave a presentation on the nature of the virus and its modes of transmission and severity of prevention and treatment as there is no specific treatment for the disease so far.

For his part, touched the WHO representative in Amman, Dr. Akram Toum to WHO recommendations on mechanisms to deal with the virus, monitoring, testing and reporting, and others.

Tom praised the response of Jordan rapid and lasting with the recommendations of the World Health Organization scientific and epidemiological monitoring system and infection control. 

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