Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy - Colleague is Woman (40) + Relatives & Contacts in Jordon = 12 People Under Observation

There are two new confirmed cases of SARS in Florence: it is the granddaughter of a year and a half of the first patient and his co-worker. This was announced by the Ministry of Health.
'' The Tuscany Region announced in the late afternoon today at the Ministry of Health - the statement of the ministry - that two subjects, already under medical surveillance because they entered into close contact with the first case of infection with Italian Mers CoV, have developed a clinical form of respiratory infection, which currently presents a framework for both non-serious. Laboratory investigations, carried out in collaboration between health authorities of Tuscany and the National Institute of Health, confirmed the diagnosis of infection with Mers'' CoV. The two new cases, explains the ministry, refer to a child of about two years, part of the family of the first patient, and a co-worker of the same. Both patients are hospitalized in isolation at health facilities in Florence.
'' The transmission of infection from diseased to people who have had prolonged close contact with them has already been documented - continues the statement - even in Europe, in the home and hospital. The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring the situation in close contact with health authorities in Tuscany''.
It is a colleague - and not a colleague - Italian, forty, the third sufferer New Sars confirmed today in Florence.This was announced at a later time Asl Florence. The woman was among those kept under observation because it came into contact with the forty-five Jordanian, the first case of SARS in Italy. Remain under observation over forty people, including health professionals, relatives and business associates of the Jordan, the latter a dozen. 

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