Friday, May 31, 2013

#Coronavirus: Comments on the WHO Summary & Literature update

I have learned a few things from this update, and have adjusted my list.

A few bullet points are below, excerpts from the update:

regarding the 5 new cases in Saudi Arabia from the Eastern Region, reported 5/29:

  • were admitted to hospital between 12-24 May, with pneumonia or respiratory symptoms
  • that all were patients in the same hospital
  • two had shared a hospital room
  • None of the patients have family contacts in Al-Ahsa  

speaking in general, I learned this

  • Thus far, all clusters of cases have occurred in a health care setting or among close family contacts. 
  • Clinicians should be aware that MERS-CoV infection may present atypically, and initially without respiratory symptoms, in immunocompromised individuals.  

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