Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus KSA Declaration of Cooperation Between Health Svc. Parties


Al-Ahsa: (Hail News)
An advisor to the Minister of Health, General Supervisor of the relations, media and health education in the Ministry of Health spokesman ministry Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed Marghalani said in a statement yesterday, said that preliminary information, monitored by the Ministry of Health in the incidence of the virus, "Corona" in Qassim region and the province of Al-Ahsa, confirms there is no relationship between them, and that the survey epidemiology of the disease is still continuing at sites that recorded HIV infection.

pointed Marghalani in response to a query associates "home" on the cooperation of private hospitals and affiliated companies such as "Aramco" and "SABIC "and others in the cities and provinces of the eastern region in the Declaration on the incidence of HIV," Corona "or suspected infection, that the provision of health services requires cooperation continues between the parties provided all of the service, in addition to that there is a relationship of mutual respect between the provider and the Monitor Service and everyone aims to achieve patient service and meet the needs of high-quality, stressing that this cooperation has emerged while dealing with the virus, "Corona" and the ministry, represented in preventive medicine and treatment through field work, and is adjacent to ensure the application of the policies and procedures of health to the speed of trapping the disease and detect surreptitious. 

attributed the reasons for the concentration of laboratory tests for the virus "Corona" in vitro Regional in Jeddah that global policy emphasizes the importance of adhering to the guidance of health to reduce the challenges, if any, and the concentration analysis in the lab and one is a procedure to ensure the quality of output and prevent errors and promote successes and gain experience, noting that there are laboratories regional affiliated to the ministry equipped with the highest technology laboratory in addition to laboratories integrated hospitals all but those global policy emphasizes that the focus of analysis in the laboratory and one of the best. 

said Marghalani that injuries 5-virus, announced by the ministry last Tuesday evening at once in a single day, were not infected in the same day, all of it was registered earlier in the hospitals in the region, which is patients have already Mnomin, and that these cases spread over the provinces of the region, and five of those injuries is unrelated to the private hospital Ahsa, which recorded the first casualties of the disease late last Jumada II. 

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