Friday, May 31, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Update on 3 recent deaths & 61 yo

May 31, 2013

Ministry of Health announced the death of 3 Saudis were injured disease 'Corona', bringing the number of dead as a result of this virus to 21 cases. 
It also announced the discovery of new infections, raised the number of injured to 38 people. The ministry said in a press statement issued late in the night the day before yesterday: «The 3 patients who died in the eastern region was announced the injury Balvyrus of before, and hospitalized a month ago. And all of them are suffering from chronic kidney failure and other diseases, and ranged in age from 24 to 60 years ». 
Of the three deceased due to the injury b 'Corona', one of the sons of the province of Al-Ahsa, however, died in a hospital in Dammam, after suffering with kidney disease, and finally hit b 'Corona'. As well as the case with the new patient Balvyrus a citizen (61 years), and suffers chronic diseases and kidney failure, and is currently lying in intensive care at King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf, and the medical condition 'stable'. It was isolated, and uses artificial respiration more than two weeks ago. The patient's brother, had been «laboratory sampling from my brother to be tested a week ago and did not come the results so far, and doctors told us that the samples sent to the city of Jeddah for examination. And his brother demanded that «the scan speed, to see the following actions, to complete the proper treatment for my brother who was lying in the hospital about 3 weeks ago.
The experts have pointed out earlier that the insurance companies would no longer bear the cost of treating patients Pfyrus «Corona» in the event of conversion to «epidemic», pointing out that if the high number of deaths due to the disease to 20 deaths, the insurance companies in Saudi Arabia be classified disease that «B», and stop treating patients.

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