Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#Coronavirus - Saudia Arabia - Absence of Lab Tests For Testing Patients w/Influenza in Eastern Region, & more

May 28, 2013

Chairman of the infection control unit at the University Hospital Founder: 
Health» counter injuries and the absence of information on dealing with «Corona»
Mobi-Mutairi from Dammam

Student who specializes in the control of infectious diseases need to disclose the Ministry of Health for more valuable information to trace the source of "Corona" new, criticizing what the Declaration of injuries and deaths, describing them as "counter monitoring" of the numbers, pointing out that it does not provide for doctors of any data and information that shows inventory of the disease and its origin.  

This came during an awareness lecture medical about the virus, "Corona" or "Mirs" (committed to the Middle East), which revealed the absence of laboratory tests for testing for patients with influenza in the eastern region, which calls for the transfer of samples testing suspected to Riyadh, and raised the doctors attending the lecture Mercy Medical Association organized the first in Dammam yesterday at the Chamber of Eastern, dealt with the fact that the virus and analysis tools are not available for this virus, which limited its presence in Riyadh and Jeddah, where there is no in vitro in the East Regional of these tools. 
 Said Dr. Tariq Madani professor of infectious diseases at the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Chairman of the Infection Control Committee and head of infection control at the University Hospital of the King Abdul Aziz: "is supposed to provide the Ministry of Health analysis in all hospitals Saudi Arabia," asserting that sending samples to the laboratory Riyadh on suspicion in the case may not send or safe ways is true especially in the case of exposure to the lowest temperature. And that screening does not work only for severe cases, pointing out that the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah has taken preventive measures, it began a week ago in an examination of each patient suffering from a bad cold, where they were examined 60 people, through sampling and testing in the laboratory of the university within King Fahd Center for Research, and did not monitor any injury, suggesting that the disease may be rare.

Regarding the impact of the onset of summer and the high heat and humidity, especially in the cities of Jeddah and Eastern, said: "Saudi Arabia over the state recorded cases so you do not need to conduct analyzes for all cases, since Saudi Arabia has the potential has been working for six months to get to know the size of the problem, and with respect to moisture they do not affect directly on the lives of the virus and its transmission, unlike the indoor gatherings, as the virus spreads in the winter more. " The civilians that most of the deaths were of patients with other diseases, pointing out that the injuries Hospital Moosa in Al-Ahsa came to patients with kidney failure were not documented officially, reference reason that the dialysis unit were stacked patients contributed to published between patients and therapists others, indicating that it can not be broadcast fears for failure to perform Umrah or Hajj because the current situation does not justify it, so it did not recommend the World Health Organization (WHO), no reservations to travel for Hajj and Umrah, for tourism or work in Saudi Arabia. And that not to raise the degree of risk of the disease due to the experience of the World Health Organization as the spread of swine flu, which has lost the Ministry of Health about ten million doses of anti never used, because inflating the World Health Organization of the disease, and the fears of Saudi Hajj season.

He demanded a civilian both from the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to disclose information to trace the source of infection, confirming that it is available to the doctors who went also victims of the disease, criticizing the Saudi Ministry of Health to sufficiency statement for the registration of cases or deaths with HIV, and said: "What you do and the Ministry of Health advertising for injuries similar to the counter only, through infinite numbers without information, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia has the potential to avoid the disease in the event of the arrival of clearer information, especially in light of questions about the arrival of cases to the provinces of Bisha and Qassim, but the ministry is still conservative on the problem, " pointing to the two apology from the staff of the Ministry of Health about the lecture.


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