Monday, May 27, 2013

Kuwaiti Minister of Health: No Cases of #Coronavirus in Country


Denied Kuwaiti Health Minister Dr. Mohammed heavy and there are no cases of the virus, "Corona", stressing the absence of the country it completely. 
assured Heavy - In an interview with the newspaper "News" today, Monday - citizens and residents of a gap in the country of any cases of the virus, indicating that there are preventive measures and steps precautions to prevent transmission of Kuwait. 
, and stressed that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health follows closely with the World Health Organization developments of HIV infection in Saudi Arabia, after the injury 19 new cases in the region east of the kingdom, explaining that the cases are still limited deployment and health status Do not worry, as the health authorities Arabia continues to take all precautionary measures to Mkhaltin for patients and follow-up according to the instructions scientific and global, as well as the existence of coordination capacitor between the two countries to curb the disease. 
drew heavy that during his participation in the meetings of the World Health Organization in Geneva and during the meetings of the Ministers of Health in the Gulf , and which was attended by a delegation from Saudi Arabia has to explain all the actions carried out by the Health in the Kingdom, pointing out that recently were not to have recorded cases, as there is a meeting including all the countries in the Gulf will be held during the next week to discuss the health situation. 
stressed that the ministry is keen to transparency in dealing with all the media to inform citizens and residents to new health information or epidemic of infectious diseases, including HIV, "Corona", in addition to taking all the necessary precautions to cope with this virus in the event of its spread and provide all the requirements of detection laboratories of the virus in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health approved internationally. 

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