Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy Timeline

This is the timeline of events thus far, in the Italy case:

Date of Report:  5/31
Name:  45(M) Index Case
From:  Florence, Tuscany, Italy.  Jordanian, Palestinian origin.
Onset: Had sym’s upon return on 5/25.
Adm:  5/28 Santa Maria Nuova Careggi Hospital, Florence
5/25:  Flew back (sym’s cough & fatigue on flight)
5/26:  Stayed Home
5/27:  Went to Work
5/28:  Admitted w/high fever, cough, respiratory failure
Adm:  6/1 Grandson (F)18 mos admitted Pediatric Hospital as precaution, sym’s of coughing.
Adm:  6/1 Nephew Meyer (5) admitted Careggi Hospital as precaution.  Sym’s of coughing.
Notes: Been in Jordon for 40 days, where 1 son suffers from flu. Stable Condition.  In Isolation. 
·      15 Dr’s & Nurses under observation. 
·      Tested patients Brother (contact since arriving back in Italy).  Contacts given prophylaxis.

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