Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy Index Case Flight From Jordan w/Sym's & Went To Work

ROME 'E' out of danger, is well, a positive trend very fast ": these are the conditions of the 45-year old Jordanian who lives in Florence hit by New Sars'

The Bartoloni says Professor Alexander, head of the infectious disease department of infectious diseases' University Hospital of Florence, who has taken care of. Man is back from Jordan sat on a flight Amman-Vienna-Bologna and already on the way back, accusing the first symptoms. "And 'stayed at home one day, then went to work for one day - said the infectious disease - and on Tuesday he addressed the hospital. "Assessor Tuscan 'Health Louis Brown pointed out that the monitoring system is tripped in a very short time," and added that " there is not any alarm. "It 'been hospitalized pediatric Meyer, but just as a precaution, the grandson of five years of the patient. The child is not sick, he just a little' cough, as explained by the same Professor Bartoloni. 's new Cononavirus is transmitted by close contact and to prevent it takes the usual hygiene also used against influenza: the Ministry of Health to explain in the note where it was confirmed the first case in Italy. Attention to the people with fever and respiratory symptoms from major geographical areas in which there have been similar cases or who have witnessed a patient suffering from the disease. "It's a virus - the statement said - whose almost-human transmission seems to be possible only where there have been prolonged close contact such as in a family or in a hospital ward. Regarding international travel and trade routes, the World Health Organization does not recommend any restrictions to test all travelers' entry into the countries of the EU. "For the prevention of respiratory infections, the normal recommended hygiene measures for influenza (frequent hand washing, covering your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze, etc..) and information are available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

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