Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saudi Arabia Health Ministry 6th Meeting of Executive Council

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May 29, 2013

He stressed the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabiah to pay attention to programs of quality and patient safety, medicine and care to make patient satisfaction and adherence to the slogan of the Ministry (the patient first) and that these values ​​and principles that the Ministry seeks to consolidate to be the approach work with transparency, honesty and credibility.
This came during chaired by His Excellency the sixth meeting of the Executive Council, which was held recently at the Diwan of the ministry, where the Council adopted a number of topics, including the adoption of the draft to improve emergency as a national under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health so that the Deputy Minister for Health Affairs and Deputy Minister for Planning and Development determine the procedural details of the project with an emphasis on the importance of cooperation and coordination between all departments to improve and develop services for emergency departments in all hospitals, and the need for the inclusion of training for paramedics and all sections emergency workers, and to hasten the implementation of the project to the urgent need and support of all the possibilities, and work on a specific time plan.

It was also during the meeting, see the visual display on the application of project Backlinks (Pacs), which is a computer system that integrated and distributor, stores, distribution and display of medical images (pictures rays, etc.), where the advantage of this system from the information revolution and interfaces to link supplied to medical devices digital, so that they can take pictures and display, which is on the other computer system linked to other information systems and complement, as HIS hospitals systems and radiology information management system RIS, where HE d. Rabiah on the need to develop a mechanism and procedures for cooperation doctor with hospitals terminal, and the importance of the project includes the application of primary health care centers, and work on the coordination with the Communications and Information Technology to provide the necessary technology to the work of health facilities in peripheral areas, was approved by the Council to begin the application gradually and discussion of the Scientific Committee General Department of Applied radiation and services to take advantage of its recommendations.

He also briefed the Council on the visual presentation of the draft Electronic Library (first phase) where it was Thanksgiving and valuation to the efforts of workers on the project, and noted the need for awareness and information project for excellence and service for all segments of society, with the need to determine the mechanism of calculating the hours of study in such a service, and the emphasis to be prescribing this service by directory ministry drugs, has approved this project and the Council agreed on the budget proposal.
The project office electronic within the ministry's efforts to provide high-quality health, and based on its strategy, which involves creating a library Electronic Health has developed a ministry plan includes the provision of sources of knowledge that supports the medical practice based on evidence and in the place of service, including databases of drugs and their interactions, including investigating the safety of the disease and prevent medical errors, God willing, also enables the library practitioner health from getting online training subsidized بالفديو images and through mobile devices, and the user can through the library to get support for the dissemination of research and scientific papers in international journals prestigious In order to provide an environment for scientific research The continued development of the electronic library will contain scientific studies in all areas of medical, technical and administrative.

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