Monday, May 27, 2013

Vietnam: Provinces Health Departments Actively Working to Prevent #H5N1, #H1N1 and #H7N9

From Hanoi Department of Health:

PRESS THE POINT OF THE WEEK (From 05/18/2013 until 05/24/2013).
Activities of the health sector in Hanoi : Enhanced direct the sound, check FSH: Street food, collective kitchens, foods, drug prices, drug quality in Hanoi
Enhanced direct prevention of influenza A (H7N9), A (H5N1), A (H1N1), 
Enhanced direct prevention of disease hand-foot-mouth, encephalitis, dengue fever / dengue hemorrhagic fever, atopic dermatitis by insects, and disease in the area of ​​capital Directing the prevention of diseases in the summer weather The warning information on diseases and epidemics: Warning respiratory diseases in children in summer weather Warning disease: Prevention Emergency hand-foot-mouth disease, dengue fever, typhus, diarrhea dangerous influenza A (H7N9), A (H5N1), A (H1N1) and other diseases.  

From Vinh Yen Province: 
Plan on 05/20/2013 85/KH-UBND City People's Committee of Vinh Yen V / v: proactive prevention of influenza A (H5N1), influenza A (H7N9)
Proactively plan for prevention of influenza A (H5N1), influenza A (H7N9). Pdf  

From Ministry of Transport:
Vietnam Railways to strengthen prevention of avian influenza A (H7N9) and A (H5N1)
To actively prevent infiltration and spread, minimize the number of people infected and dying from influenza A (H7N9) and A (H5N1) as well as other diseases, Railway Vietnam (Viet Nam Railways) has written instructs the unit to deploy Decision approving the project 2088/QD-TTg prevention, preventing transport and trading of poultry, poultry products illegally imported. Viet Nam Railways also requires the establishment of units Steering Committee for the prevention of disease and the human condition, equipment, medicines and chemicals for processing time when outbreaks occur. The unit must have sanitary facilities, ensuring clean water, hygienic environment around the workplace; canteens to ensure food safety and sanitary conditions in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Safety Law and hygiene.

Prohibited all forms of transport, trade and consumption of poultry and poultry products illegally imported vehicles on rail ... ">CEO VTHK railway companies in Hanoi and Saigon steering unit members organized measures to ensure food safety at the station, on the passenger train, care, health management training and knowledge of food safety and hygiene for catering staff as prescribed. Railways Medical Center à standing body to advise, review and report to the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health the results of the prevention of influenza A (H7N9) and A (H5N1) virus, closely monitoring situation,timely information to employees understand the true risk spreads, the impact of avian flu , how to prevent bird flu.Besides, the railway staff should also monitor the health initiative to detect flu symptoms and respiratory diseases ..

Thanh Hoa Province Health:
 In recent years, many dangerous diseases such as SARS, influenza A (H5N1), (H1N1) and patient hands, feet, mouth, ...still exists, can "come back" at any time. The appearance of influenza A (H7N9) virus and Corona new variants in a number of countries in the world, with mortality rates of up to 66.7%, are also at risk from entering our country. This type of flu, there is no specific drug treatment ... Ten years ago, with effort and determination, Vietnam Male have successfully controlled the SARS outbreak, the world record. Currently, many dangerous diseases risk appeared. According to Health Ministry statistics, every year, Vietnam Male with 1.6-1.8 million cases of the flu virus (the first three months in 2013 more than 300,000 people). -snip- Some research institutes lack of doctors and qualified technical expertise in sample handling and testing of dangerous flu such as H5N1, H1N1, H7N9 ...Another problem, young people are not "indifferent" to the system implementation training preventive medicine. Many young doctors leaving school "dodge" preventive medicine find "flow source" in hospitals, private clinics ... Causes, preventive medicine physicians are less likely to participate in treatment to improve professional skills. -snip- * As reported by the Ministry of Health, 80% of the provincial preventive medicine centers need to be repaired and upgraded and new construction, more than 40% of the units need to upgrade office. Laboratory system outdated, inconsistent.
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