Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus Italy - 15 doctors and nurses in Florence under observation

June 1, 2013

FLORENCE - They came in contact with the 45 year old suffering from SARS and New for this have come under observation . It is about fifteen doctors and nurses at the hospital Santa Maria Nuova in Florence where a patient Jordanian of Palestinian origin occurred in recent days.
The man, the onset of symptoms, went to the hospital and was admitted to the infectious diseases ward. Having established the first case of SARS in New Italy , it was decided to place it in isolation.
Examination was performed on the patient's brother , the only person left in contact for a long time and in a range after the 45 year old is back from Jordan where he had gone to visit relatives.currently for people who have approached the patient there to do prophylaxis or vaccines or antibiotics. The observation status is given to the possible appearance of the first symptoms. The health, according to statistics compiled so far, they know that the possibility of infection is not high, less than that of a normal flu.

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