Friday, May 31, 2013

Study: How sneezes transmit the flu

Video (2:23 min.)

Transcript of video:
This man is putting pepper up his nose why. It's so he can sneeze. He's a volunteer in a study being conducted by scientists in Singapore who want to establish how the influenza virus is transmitted through the game. -- of their experiments are specialized -- and a high speed camera which together can record density variations in gases. There college's doctor Julian -- Says the experiments could lead to new information to help Dawkins deal more effectively with viral outbreaks like the Swine Flu pandemic of 2009. Terrence Austin it's one and it went on pandemic. This of -- -- about coughing sneezing. And what we wear masks different hats masks that attachment. But we realize that this new basic knowledge of basic information about how normal X helpless and actually had to transmit infection. And especially talking about the -- infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control influenza is primarily transmitted from person to person through sneezing or coughing. But little is known about how far a virus can travel through the yeah. Or whether it can be transmitted by other means by laughing or crying perhaps we'll simply breathing. Doctor tang is looking for solid scientific data. What was gonna get to the general idea of a tape a couple travels -- fall from those people. But not be on the set point for those people that cannot -- have a certain amount of most people so obviously would not 100% correct but. If you think about it. It's very tough call for NATO acting out of him now. And if -- can you can term limits and boundaries. Opening page interpretation. And does the same or plans that many cases where he can find exceptions but science that stalled because of. This study once stop until June 2012. Doctor -- hopes that by then he'll have enough data to answer some important questions. How much distance should separate patients and hospital who and how many passengers on an aircraft should be quarantining. How basic can face -- be used. For doctor Julian -- it's likely to take a great deal more coughing and sneezing to find out -- mile. Royces.

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