Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Jordan - MOH conducts epidemiological investigation

Translation out of Jordan
The Ministry of Health on Saturday, the WHO representative in Amman, Dr. Akram Tom procedures instant taken communion with the health authorities Italian to stand on cases recorded in Italy Friday HIV Koruna new. called on the Minister of Health, Dr. Magali Mahilan internal committee on HIV Koruna the Ministry of Health for today's meeting to take immediate action necessary after the information was received تنقلاتها the media about the presence of infected Koruna new in Italy, that there are likely to cross that case Jordan earlier. , the Committee during its meeting in communion with the health authorities Italian to see the situation and took details Full status and مخالطيها to conduct a survey epidemic expanded and knowledge of any epidemiological information useful for the situation. said Dr. Tom: We contacted بالمعنيين in the regional office of the organization in Cairo, and the head office in Geneva after Report Health Ministry us their proceedings to obtain information on the situation before her illness and the merits of the investigation by the by the health authorities, the Italian reported. added that the information reached so far indicate that the injured at the age of 40 years resident in Italy, visited Jordan for 40 days and his health is good. said Tom that the information we expect related to the identification places transported the injured Italian in Jordan, and people who accompanied him to share with the ministry to begin to take action survey epidemic. , and the number of injuries reported globally infected with coronavirus 50 injured, died, including 30 case. , the Ministry of Health announced the registration and فاتين with the disease in 2012, and did not record any injuries or new deaths other virus Koruna even today. Petra 

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