Thursday, May 30, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia 2nd Outpost Most Likely in Eastern Region

Fears of "Corona" again in Saudi Arabia
Almusrionnscher Egyptians Day 30 - 05 - 2013

Check the health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the possibility that there will be the focus of a second "to the Middle East syndrome" of Corona Vuoros with the discovery of a new case Wednesday. The case is the latest after it announced the Saudi Ministry of Health for the registration of five new cases of HIV, "Corona" in the eastern region, bringing the total of confirmed cases that have been registered in the Kingdom, to 38 cases, died 21 cases, including at least according to CNN Arabic .
Jordan also announced Wednesday the discovery of new cases of the virus.
The new focus is different from the second focus of which have been identified in the Moosa Hospital in the area of ​​Hofuf in Al-Ahsa.
Although the authorities did not announce the city that are likely to be the second outpost situated therein, but she made ​​it clear that it is located in the eastern region as well.
Said Assistant Secretary for Health Ziad Mamish, it is to be tolerant of the new cases, cases where the virus moved between humans.
And most of the concerns that Mamish explained in a press statement that it is not related to any of the new cases in Al-Ahsa, which increases the likelihood that there will be a focus in another city

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