Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Al Ahsa Schools Distribute Protective Masks For Intermediate & Secondary Students

As a precaution from the deadly virus Coruna, supplied most schools Al Ahsa in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia protective students Pkmamat and sterilizers, to coincide with the first day of final exams for my degree intermediate and secondary education.
The result of the final tests, which began on Saturday, more than three million students in the 9225 school tests throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It was a state of panic spread, a few days ago, in the eastern region, especially in Al-Ahsa province which has seen most of the new HIV infections Taji (CK)-like virus SARS.
Saudi Arabia said on Friday that the tightening measures helped to reduce the prevalence of the disease in a hospital in the eastern district of Ahsa Kingdom, where 22 people were infected ten people have died.
He said Ziad Mamish and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health of Saudi gathered in Geneva that "the application of specific measures to control the infection, because we believe that some of the cases occur in areas where patients congregate. These include intensive care units and dialysis units."
There are still many questions about how the virus is spread and how the new transmission. Saudi officials say, and the World Health Organization that there are cases of transmission among humans, but they do not occur only when close contact for long periods.

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