Saturday, June 1, 2013

#Coronavirus #Mers Italy - Grandson of Index Case is Admitted with Cough, as Precaution

Florence, is the grandson of a year and a half of Jordan's 45 year old at the time of isolation

It 'was admitted to the pediatric hospital Meyer, but only as a precaution, the grandson of a year and a half of 45 year-old Jordanian who lives in Florence affection from New Sars. You are performing the analysis to verify if the small or less has contracted the virus. "The child is not sick, he just a little 'cough," explained Professor Alessandro Bartoloni, head of the department of infectious diseases where the man is being treated in isolation.
The forty-five Jordanian affection from New Sars, when it is presented to the emergency room of the hospital Santa Maria Nuova Tuesday, he had high fever, cough, difficulty in breathing. The investigations have revealed bilateral pneumonia. Transferred Careggi hospital and immediately put in solitary confinement, the man was kept under monitoring: not being available specific therapy for SARS, experts say, has had a steady and rapid improvement.  
The expert: "There 'is a high risk of transmission " - "This disease, as you know - explained Dr. Joseph Petrioli, head of prevention ASL Florentine - there is a high risk of transmission. diagnostic tests do not need to do special and attention would only be triggered in the event of a framework of symptoms aggravated by respiratory ailments such as that presented by the patient. " Experts explain that the main factors are the possible alarm contact "long and close relationship" with people living with HIV and from countries in the Middle East where "the virus has been circulating since May 2012, particularly in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates , Jordan, Qatar. " Other isolated cases have occurred in the United Kingdom, France and Germany."There is no evidence of transmission and aggression - added Petrioli -. Yet we alerted family physicians and pediatricians so that if DETECTED suspicious symptoms, even for the area sourced at risk, do not send patients to the emergency room but turn to the network of infectious diseases already fully activated. " "From the very beginning and very quickly all the measures have been activated and the network has responded with great efficiency - said the regional councilor for Health Louis Brown - also on the basis of previous experiences. Located in Florence, is also available in ' possibility of more serious cases of respiratory failure the ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. "

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