Saturday, June 20, 2009

The death of an Btnta pneumonia after being detained for suspected avian wounds pigs

June 20, 2009 - 02:11 pm
A state of panic prevailed among the people of the village of Kafr Essam of the Center for Tanta, because of suspected infection in the national swine flu before his death. وكانت البداية حين دخل محمد The beginning was when he entered the long-Mohammed Hussein (41 years) and a cook in Sharm El-Sheikh, 3 university hospital in June, and was suffering from shortness of breath sharply, and remained for a period of five days, and after that continued to be jolted by the hospital, while the faithful, who tend to Many of the patients and the people of the village.

After his condition deteriorated and he was in a coma, was transferred to a hospital in Tanta University one morning last Thursday, a report prepared by the Department of the hospital where the suspect is afflicted with swine flu, and was transferred to a hospital Minshawi year.

And immediately informed the Department of Minshawi Hospital Dr. Sharif Hammouda Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health report of the meeting Sunday attended by the hospital, university, moving along with the Director of the Department of preventive and curative medicine, Dr. Essam Othman to the hospital, blood samples were taken and the melancholy hours, and sent to labs central Ministry of Health, was the situation on a respirator, but the case died after entering the hospital one hour.

The negative result of the sample of the situation and contact him at home all the panic after the village and the hospital and university Minshawi year.

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