Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Minister of Health: a plague on the borders of Egypt

The entire country - Egypt - Wael Sadat: 05:16:20 PM June 16, 2009 GMT Mecca

A Minister of Health Hatem el-Gabali that he had received reports of the prevalence of plague infected with some 250 kilometers from the Egyptian border with Libya. The minister said in a statement in response to a statement to the press that the deputy Mohammed plague treated with antibiotics . And the type that occurred on the border is less harmful species.

The minister revealed that he had spoken by telephone with the Libyan Minister of Health, who told him That the disease appeared on a village and record the case of pneumonia, 11 had been addressed 7 cases and discharged from hospital was called in a specialized company that has sprayed the entire area for the eradication of rats and fleas, and this particular region had been hit by the disease by 1977.

The minister said he contacted the Governor of Marsa Matrouh . He stressed the need for burning garbage in the province in anticipation and reserve against any spread of the disease.

And sources revealed that cases of plague have been discovered After a period of spread and the number of dead and injured citizens Bmntqtin south of Tobruk, Libyan authorities have imposed serious constraints on the confidentiality of those reports

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