Saturday, June 20, 2009

Egypt: Village under quarantine for BF in poultry

The development of the village under quarantine Sadat City

Dr. Ghneim Ahmed Fouad, director of Veterinary Medicine Menoufia focus on the discovery of new bird flu village Kafr Daoud Balsadat the house of a citizen named Abdul Rahman Sabri Al-Gad (36 years) and agricultural workers, which has reported a case of mass deaths among birds, which is within the education home.

على الفور توجهت قوة من الجهات المعنية إلى منزل المزارع وقامت بتطهيره بالطرق الصحية الآمنة وإعدام 200 طائر بمنزله والمنازل المجاورة له وعمل مسح لعدد 18 منزلا مجاورا وأكد على وضع هذه المنازل تحت الحجر الصحى لمدة أسبوعين.

Immediately went on the power from the farm to the house and cleared the road of health and safe execution of 200 birds at his home and adjacent homes and the work of a survey of 18 the number of neighboring houses and emphasized the development of these houses under quarantine for two weeks.

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