Sunday, June 14, 2009

Egypt: 10 cases under observation, including 7 of the same family

Sunday, June 14, 2009 - 10:52

وضعت مديرية الصحة بالغربية وإدارة الطب الوقائى 10 حالات قادمة من دول موبوءة بمرض أنفلونزا الخنازير تحت الملاحظة المستمرة والمراقبة الصحية لمدة 10 أيام.

Been meeting Sunday attended by the Directorate of Health and the Department of Preventive Medicine 10 cases coming from countries infected with swine flu under constant observation and health monitoring for a period of 10 days.

وكانت الإدارة العامة للحجر الصحى قد أرسلت قائمة بعشرة مواطنين قادمين من هولندا وإيطاليا وقطر والكويت والنمسا تم وضع الحالات العشرة بالتوجه لأقرب مستشفى حميات أو صدر فى حالة ظهور أى أعراض مرضية والحالات هي: أحمد عبد التواب حواس (45 سنة) وبهية رمضان (39 سنة) وأحمد مصطفى حواس (13 سنة) وأحمد هشام محمد فؤاد (42 سنة) قادم من الكويت وهشام محمود عبد الهادى (30 سنة) عائد من قطر وأسماء أحمد حواس (عام ونصف) وعبد الرحمن أحمد حواس شهرين، ومصطفى أحمد حواس (5 شهور) وعائدون من هولندا ومقيمون بقرية سندبسط، وخالد على موسى مقيم بشبرا ملس وقادم من إيطاليا، تم التنبيه عليهم هم والمخالطين لهم بالتوجه لأقرب مستشفى حميات أو صدر عند شعورهم بأى أعراض.

The General Administration of quarantine had been sent a list of ten citizens from the Netherlands, Italy, Qatar, Kuwait and Austria has been the development of the ten cases to go to the nearest hospital or was admitted in the case of any symptoms and the situations are: Ahmed Abdel Tawab Hawass (45 years) and Bahia Ramadan (39 years) Hawas, Ahmed Mustafa (13 years) and Ahmad Hisham Mohamed Fouad (42 years) coming from Kuwait, Abdul Hadi, Hisham Mahmoud (30 years) returning from Qatar, and the names of Ahmed Hawas (a year and a half) and Abdel-Rahman Ahmed Hawas months, and Mustafa Ahmed Hawas (5 months) and returning Netherlands and residents of the village Sndbst, Khaled Musa Meles Shoubra resident, come from Italy, was alert to them and contact them to go to the nearest hospital was admitted or when they feel any symptoms.

Hat-tip Twall:
Shubra El-Kheima (Arabic: شبرا الخيمة‎; also spelled Shubra El Kheima, Shubra El Khayma, or Shubra elKhayma) is the fourth largest city in Egypt. It is located at Al Qalyubiyah governerate around 30°7′43″N 31°14′32″E / 30.12861°N 31.24222°E / 30.12861; 31.24222Coordinates: 30°7′43″N 31°14′32″E / 30.12861°N 31.24222°E / 30.12861; 31.24222. The city is located in the north of Greater Cairo and is part of its agglomeration, Greater Cairo. The city is known to be inhabitated by workers and their families who work in surrounding factories since the 1940s, but now it represents the great expansion of Greater Cairo to north and the big station of rural immigration, its population is around 3.5 millions persons or may be more.

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